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How I Fell Asleep In A Sensory Deprivation Tank

22 Oct 2019

how I fell asleep in a sensory deprivation tank  Written by: Kelsey Marie on August 31, 2019 Full disclosure: prior to my first “float session,”...

Whatever Floats Your Boat by Dr. Kiarra King

18 Apr 2019

Whatever Floats Your Boat How often do we really, truly detach? I’m talking NO interactions with people, pets, phones, TVs and whatever other devices you...

Once Upon a Dollhouse – Freeze and Float

28 Mar 2019

Freeze and Float Whether spending time with family and friends or buried in work –  the constant ebb and flow of life keeps all Dolls...

Monday Funday – 26 and Not Counting

25 Mar 2019

Helloooo, Monday! The days getting longer has been giving me new life and the sunshine has been so good for my mood. I’m ready for...