Float therapy has application for the bodies of athletes and office warriors alike. It speeds the recovery of muscles and joints after training sessions, and helps restore postural alignment after a long workweek. Floating also reduces cravings, making a healthy weight management goal more easily attainable. And because floating improves circulation to each of the body’s systems, including the skin, you will radiate the post-float “glow.”

During a float the mind downshifts into a unique state of relaxation that was once only available to lifelong meditators. With floatation therapy, even a first-time floater can enjoy neurological harmony. And floating doesn’t just feel good—it reduces headaches, improves sleep, releases endorphins, and provides a lasting state of balance.

Regular floating results in increased energy, productivity, physical performance and well-being. An immensely powerful tool, floating enables you to tap into heightened levels of focus and creative problem solving. And during your float, you can even explore a state of “super learning,” where your fully relaxed and undistracted mind can make deep, new neural connections.

Floating Benefits

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I will be back soon and am getting a membership for float sessions for my girlfriend for her birthday. There is something for everyone.

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This place was great and the staff was so kind. The personal sauna was life changing.

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