Begin your wellness journey at Freeze & Float Spa. It’s our philosophy to create an environment where health and wellness becomes a reality. We offer a tranquil oasis that deepens optimal relaxation, renews peacefulness, and restores well-being. Our guests will experience the essential rejuvenation that the mind and body deserve.

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  • Karolina

    As a Doctor of Pharmacy, Karolina is no stranger to helping people combat the challenges of life and with over fifteen years of healthcare industry experience, she has joined her athlete husband on a quest to bring floatation and alternative therapies to mainstream practice with Freeze & Float Spa. Growing up in Chicago and active in dance, swimming, tennis, and volleyball, she developed her own fascination in health and wellness that took her straight into Pharmacy School. While living on the west coast during her university years, Karolina spent a lot of time active in the water and this is where she believes her interest in floating truly began. Similar to her husband, Karolina is passionate about a holistic approach to health and floating has become a regular vehicle for her to unwind, hit the reset button and feel rejuvenated to take on what life has to offer. This Pharmacist turned entrepreneur sees the therapies offered at her Freeze & Float Spa as more of an essential to truly maintaining a healthy body mind and soul.

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  • Mladen

    Gifted with incredible talent, Serbian born Mladen has enjoyed a career as a professional soccer player. He now brings his professional talents to the emerging float spa industry with the perspective of a true athlete. Fueled with a passion for the game and physical wellness, his interest grew beyond the stadiums and into overall health, nutrition, and mental wellness. On his own personal journey to better his own performance, Mladen discovered floatation therapy as a way to cope with the extreme conditioning and distractions of being a professional athlete. Intrigued by the current offerings available, he was quick to discover the need to bring a truly spa-like experience to the market with his wife, Karolina, as his partner. Since moving to the United States in 2006, Mladen has been dedicated to giving back and teaching others. As a coach of youth soccer, he has empowered many young boys and girls to fulfill the same dreams he was able to achieve. His venture into Freeze & Float Spa marks his continued commitment to sharing his knowledge and experiences with his Chicago community that he now calls home.

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