Our Whole Body Cryosauna chamber provides natural healing and wellness, supporting our philosophy of total body-care. From professional athletes to the wellness conscious, cryotherapy enthusiasts have experienced a multitude of benefits from the 3-minute sessions. Our Cryotherapy treatments extend beyond the full-body chamber. We offer the skincare devotees a new regiment for brighter and tighter skin with our Cryo-Facials.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy is the process of using liquid nitrogen to hyper cool the body for 3-minutes in temperatures f -90 Celsius (-130F) to -120 Celsius (-184F). Cryotherapy chambers are cold and dry and are similar to how athletes use ice baths or how you would ice a sprained ankle.

Whole Body Cryosauna Chamber Benefits

  • Athletic training recovery

    Cooling of muscles relieves pain and promotes recovery

  • Alleviation of muscle and joint pain

    Like an ice bath, cryotherapy relieves and reduces pain as the cold causes blood vessels to constrict.

  • Promotion of weight-loss

    Cryotherapy is known to burn hundreds of calories in a matter of minutes and can speed up your weight loss journey.

  • Anxiety and depression relief

    The extreme cold causes the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins which are known to affect moods.

  • Reduced signs of aging

    Cryotherapy is great for skin health including reducing wrinkles.

  • Better sleep patterns

    Exposing your body to the cold causes the release of norepinephrine which can affect your sleep cycles.


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