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Once Upon a Dollhouse – Freeze and Float

28 Mar 2019
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Freeze and Float

Whether spending time with family and friends or buried in work –  the constant ebb and flow of life keeps all Dolls busy. Caitlin and Danielle have learned to go with this constant flow, and most recently are learning to float. That’s right… float. Caitlin and Danielle have been curious about the benefits of flotation therapy, so the two frolicked off to Freeze and Float to discover how their offerings can help rebalance your life.

The first rule of kindness is to be kind to yourself. Let’s get real. We all get stressed, we all put pressure on ourselves and we all have others that rely on us. Whether it’s growing a business, starting a new relationship, planning a wedding, moving,  starting a family – the only constant in life is change. Throughout all this change we must remain true to ourselves…. and the best way to do that is to MAKE TIME for ourselves.

From the moment we walked into Freeze & Float, we immediately felt like we were transported to a zen paradise. This unique spa was created by wife and husband duo –  who have a yin and yang relationship that is close to our hearts! Karolina spent most of her career as a Doctor of Pharmacy and understands the care that people need, while her husband, Mladen, spent most of his career as an athlete who needs the type of care their facility now provides.

Here is the order we experienced it all: Freeze, Infrared Sauna,  Float and Facial.

Freeze: The Cryosauna chamber was one of the most interesting experiences we have had to date! After they get the chamber cooled, you step in and remove your robe so you are totally nude with your head peaking out. Whole Body Cryotherapy is the process of using liquid nitrogen to hyper cool the body for 3-minutes in temperatures f -90 Celsius (-130F) to -120 Celsius (-184F). Cryotherapy is known to provides natural healing and wellness, supporting our philosophy of total body-care. Anyone can enjoy this type of treatment from professional athletes to our wellness-conscious Dolls. For the 3 minutes you spin in slow circles and feel the chill!

Infrared Sauna: This looks and feels much like the usual sauna you may have experienced at a spa or gym but is more advanced for detoxing, healing, and relaxation. The heat from infrared saunas uses infrared light to heat the body directly rather than the air-like traditional saunas. Gently increasing your body’s core temperature, the infrared heat penetrates 2-3 inches deep into the body’s tissue. This results in a more detoxifying sweat from the cellular level of the skin where many toxins are housed.

Float: And now for our favorite part! The luxury flotation suites offer an experience unlike any other. The water temperature is matched to skin temperature, helping you lose perception of where your body ends and the water begins. And the 1,000 pounds of Epson Salt water helps you to effortlessly float.  It is not a capsule that closes over you but a room that feels like a personal oasis. You have the options to light up the ceiling above you with stars or keep the room dark. You also have the option to listen to spa music or float in silence… You can try both to discover which you prefer. We recommend using a meditation technique or repeating a mantra while you float. The therapy is an 60 minutes long and after 40 minutes -you become weightless in the water and even have moments where you feel like you’re floating in outer space. This form of relaxation ushers in the half-awake, half-dreaming Theta state, where meditation, healing, rest, creativity and emotional rejuvenation thrive.

Skin Care: Facials, peels, waxing and much more…Marina is the skincare expert at the spa and she offers an array of services. She is very knowledgable and we immediately felt at ease in her practice. We experienced the cryofacial and it was just lovely.  She knows what she is doing…  Use this link for pricing and details.

Treating your body with care will not only boost your self love, it will boost your energy and your mood! For us, that means that we nourish our bodies with organic foods, work out often, get facials, practice yoga, and now.. float! Freeze & Float is located at 371 W. Ontario Street in River North. Call (312) 809-7008 to make your appointment!

Would you try any of these treatments? Tell us in the comments!

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