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Whatever Floats Your Boat by Dr. Kiarra King

18 Apr 2019
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Whatever Floats Your Boat

How often do we really, truly detach? I’m talking NO interactions with people, pets, phones, TVs and whatever other devices you can name. What if I told you that you could completely detach from it ALL? How would experiencing compete weightlessness, by floating on ONE THOUSAND pounds of epsom salt dissolved in water, in a private suite sound? Even further, if I told you you could achieve a state of relaxation like no other AND comfort tired, tense and sore muscles would your interest be peaked? If you’re like me you probably are thinking “sign me up”! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I have a special offer, just keep reading until the end!

When I had the opportunity to partner with Freeze and Float Spa I couldn’t wait for my chance at this experience. I told the co-owner Karolina that I literally NEVER detach. I’m always on the go, doctoring, blogging, momming and the list goes on. We all know that living like the energizer bunny can eventually catch up with us, so I try to insert some self care into my routine as often as possible. Now I’m not of the philosophy that self care is this one size fits all monolith. What my self care looks like may be completely different that someone else’s and that’s OK! What’s most important is that we recognize the need to prioritize our mental, physical and emotional well beings over the needs of others; as the old adage says you can’t pour from an empty cup!

I recently had my first Freeze and Float experience! Let me tell you, everything from start to finish was impeccable. The spa, which opened in early March of this year, is located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Upon entering the space, the atmosphere is serene with neutral, modern decor. The spacious location boasts 5 private floatation suites, an infrared sauna, a cryotherapy suite, a private esthetics suite, a tea room and a beauty bar to refresh after your float! Keep reading for a play by play of my experience! My sister Ashieka tagged along, cause you know the more the merrier!

To begin our experience, it was recommended that we start with the cryotherapy chamber. I know what you’re thinking, how is freezing my tail off supposed to help me relax?! Some of the benefits of cryotherapy include reduced joint pain, better sleep patterns and promotion of weight loss; up to 800 calories in a single session. To read more about benefits of cryotherapy click here. Each session is 3 minutes which is the equivalent of sitting in an ice bath for 1 hour! For those of you who are athletes, I’m sure you can remember many days post practice with extremities submerged in ice baths. While in the chamber gloves and special socks are worn to prevent frostbite. I also wore my swimsuit and handed off my robe just prior to the treatment cycle starting. Y’all, it gets COLD; like Chiberia February 2019 cold but you can do anything for 3 minutes right? I didn’t feel any immediate effects, other than cold lol but here’s to hoping I burned 800 calories!

After the “freeze” the next step was some time in the infrared sauna. You’re probably thinking, ok now this is more like it! The infrared sauna was also in a private suite and has benefits of a traditional sauna but touts some differences. “The heat from infrared saunas uses infrared light to heat the body directly rather than the air like traditional saunas. Gently increasing your body’s core temperature, the infrared heat penetrates 2-3 inches deep into the body’s tissue. Resulting in a more detoxifying sweat from the cellular level of the skin where many toxins are housed.” It got up to about 130 degrees in the sauna but it was comfortable. It was almost like dry heat in Arizona versus the humid heat we experience in the Midwest in the summer. Check out more benefits of the infrared sauna here.

After relaxing in the sauna, I was excited about going to float! I’ve never been to the Dead Sea but would imagine the state of weightlessness achieved, while floating, would be similar. Each floating suite has an ante room that houses an oversized stand up shower, and a stand for toiletries and towels. The spa provides ear plugs designed to keep water out of the ears, towels, head rests that can be used while floating and more. A shower immediately before you float will ensure any body oils are removed, while one immediately after will rinse away all of the salt from your skin and hair. During your float, you can completely customize your experience. You can have meditation music, soothing blue lights, a twinkle ceiling or you can completely deprive all of your senses and be without sound and light. There’s no right or wrong way to float. Also since each session lasts 60 minutes you can do a combination and find what you prefer. You can also try floating in different positions including on your side and stomach.

I know you’re wondering, who, when and why? So, anyone can float, even babies and children with parental supervision of course! Also, pregnant mommas you too can float! You can float as often as once a week to as little as once every few months. In fact, one could float everyday if desired. Floating has so many benefits; just the ability to completely detach from all external stimuli is one. Aside from that, relief from injuries, joint/muscle pain and stress are benefits experienced by some. “This form of relaxation ushers in the half-awake, half-dreaming Theta state, where meditation, healing, rest, creativity and emotional rejuvenation thrive.” Karolina explained that some leave their session with heightened awareness and loads of ideas. Ashieka brainstormed an entire business concept after her float!! I felt super relaxed and noticed smells were more intense. I had already decided I would be incorporating floating into my routine regularly.

After all of that R&R there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea. The tea room is relaxing and adjacent to the floatation suites and a meditation space. Dim lighting, a variety of self serve teas and reading material make this space the perfect place to wind down. You can also extend your stay by booking a customized skin treatment, with the on site esthetician, in a private suite.

Sadly, all good things come to an end but Freeze and Float has left no stone unturned! Their beauty bar is just the spot to wrap up your visit. Hair products, blow dryers and skin creams are available for guests.

Needless to say, I’ll be back. I think incorporating this into my routine will force me to detach on a more consistent basis. If you are looking to add to your self care routine, I would highly recommend Freeze and Float. They have some amazing packages for those who desire to integrate floating. Get ready for an experience like no other. I’m already planning my next visit! Also you can use code DRKIARRA for 10% off the services you book! Have you ever done floatation therapy before? Let me know in the comments.

As always, thanks for following and be well!

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